The Odd School

There’s a time in the past that keep lingering on the cliffhanger of memories, and a space where the places not quite the same anymore. They, the people, used to call it as monuments, a part of history that attached to moments.

Their names were Jack and Jane, born at the same date from the same womb of the same egg and sperm by the same parents, but they’re not twins, since they were inducted and incubated in such different birth-engine although still, manufactured by the same corporation which produce and fabricate the highest-end technology of these kind humanoid fertilization industry. They’ve been raised by the same value of certain culture who had been such kind of believe systems of their family, hereditary. They never been separated since the day of their birth.

Until they reached their age of schooling, their parents decided to make such chamber for them, instead of held home-schooling system for their children education support system. This school chamber quite like a community center of culture and education, whereas the only limitation is categorized quite abroad from type of courses and appliance application, hobbies and interest, and many more ordinal scaling to measure such qualitative learning experience. What they didn’t do, was categorizing the classes by ages and or life-span developmental task taxonomy.

Thus, both Jake and Jane having this kind of indulgent with people they meet, not only peer-group from the same cohorts of their same-age friends, but also having such social learning by experiencing the knowledge thorough insights, inspires, even wisdom from any other class-mates from different age. Until the time when the course of sexuality education held, their parents and family decided to separate the pupils and students by gender, that’s the very first time when Jake and Jane having different class.

Since the sexuality education class been held, the students of same-sex who’s previously might had same interest of course and get submitted themselves in the same class, starting to made such patterns by gender. Although, the parents and family concerned that it might be the seed of gender bias foundation towards sexism and discrimination based on gifted differences. Thus, they starting to create such quota to limited the amount of how many pupils could attend the class of such course. This latest limitations also included additional terms and conditions, one of them were that a class could only be opened if the students who applied for it have proportional gender comparison of attendants, regardless the age differentiation of the pupils.

Then, Jake and Jane continued to attend almost every courses and classes, since not only that the school itself had been dedicated to their extended existentialism, but also as the representation of their family’s core value of culture and believe system. By the time they have already reach the age of maturity, they decided to stay still celibate, and dedicate their life for education by becoming the co-head-administrator of the odd school.

The news of this community center and chamber of culture and education been widespread thorough local, national, regional, even international. The widespread effecting high demands either to admit, attend, or even to franchise the system and syllabus of Jake and Jane’s odd school. More over, both scholarships and fellowships from any other educational organizer from around the world had been proposed.

Or maybe I should apply for the same offerings from the odd school too.



The Unrequited Memories

How long the pathways could endured by unrelated relationship? How far the journeys would went by unprepared itinerary? How great the adventure should be by unplanned expectations?

It was already autumn, the leaves were falling down below their trees. Like memories, fading away from moments, altogether framed the mosaic puzzle of life. A tunes of symphony which increasing towards the climax crescendo of such orchestra, conducted by the weather, whether it was changing, or being tamed by the transparent glass-like air conditioner, captured all the plateau bowled into such crystal ball, glittered by the evening-color-palate leaves.

There’s so much updates needed to be catching up, before winter, when everything which seems not too late to be procrastinated resolutions. As the way any cloud-computing would synchronizing all data in the library simultaneously, so did the pasts running through delicate minds, pushing through all the sweet-traumas into such binge-masochism dilemma of doubts. Eventually, something need to be sacrificed, either it might be what, when, where, which, why, or how. And awaits for the future to embrace the leftovers of unrequited memories. As requited in such Haiku by Matsuo Bashō:

“Fragile twigs,
breaking off the scarlet leaves,
autumn winds.”

Until next time,