The Post Capitalism

By the time of Post Capitalism might have been occurred, those souls of anarch, alluring the gentle touch of freedom. They have been trying to liberate themselves from the oppress of nations. How supposed a race being preserved by demolish another one in the name of genocide? Oh, how sweet humanities are, as sweet as any candy sold out in every drugstore widespread the country.

Where legal pharmaceutical no longer being the urgent issue of national defense, those green-agents of pain killer antidepressants having celebrated the most epic guerrilla warfare ever held of the decades. It has been such a quite long march of democracy, until there were no more left for any constitutional proverbs being denounced as the lost of humanity.

They, the political elites, have became in such numbness. They, the rats of social gutter, got more gluttony towards anything they could digest. They, the homo hominy omnivore, will always hunting each others until there’re no more pride left to be sucked in by their ego. They, the what so called megalomaniac, only stop when the time of rapture occurred.

Wondering where will the flow will go now, since the river of conscience already bent, forming such unstoppable meanders, diverging the floods into the brackish mangrove of humanity. No more knowledge left longer be needed, even just to comprehend how far the bullying circle of satan would stop. It’s been a while since the very wise angelic human being once have said, that hates were learned, thus only by education they only could be tamed.

At the end of the game, the boardwalk of empire will be turned upside down, just like a chess-board. It would be a rough steps, which in every walkthrough of it might be needed to take each either the white and black block-square as the way rules have been done since the very beginnings. The zoological politics of greeks philosophers, the only way system might gone well yet still wild, since there’re no eternal power, but the permutation of cultural manifest towards authorization itself.

Then, what would make someone is always comparable towards another, anything else but discrimination?

Let’s having an honest conversation with our own mirrors, until gone vaporized by the smokes, perished thorough the ventilations.

Poof again soon,



The Old Routines

This old routine will drive you mad.
It’s just a mumble never spoken out loud.
Sometimes you don’t even know how you’re still standing.

~This Old Routines by First Aid Kit

Long time no write, it has been 6 months hiatus since my last posts. Please do never forget nor forgive for not publishing any writings, even though I’ll reasoned the readers up by the common glitch of any writers’ block.

I’m not got blocked, at least in writings. But I do have this things keep blocking my life’s events. After several freelancing projects and jobs, also several funerals, eventually I decided to go back to my writings, since this is the only one that could make me stay sane.Even thought to be insane is not something need to be ashamed of, but still, we’re living in such social conventions where being mad is much more conceptualized as negative connotation, rather than just a state of mind of being relatively different, unique and beautiful at the same point.

I do keeping my writings going on, at least segmented limitedly, on my SNS kind of thing. They called it Path, and now they already separated the messaging of the app as Talk. Yeah rite, like they’re gonna buy it, even for free. Like some of my friends, who didn’t wanna to instal the add-on installment from inside purchase of the core-app, at a blink of time they got message inbox notification, then go directly to the application store, either it’s Apple App Store or Google Play Store, just to get a know about what the message really is and from whom it was been sent.

Yeah, curiosity is the master of our mind and soul as human, even the most humanitarian people will get slipped from their perfections self-image, by the glittery and shiny of The Book of Leaves, even though there’s no such kind of higher-spiritualized-theme literature, or even if it’s out there, some kind of secret society either already vanished or just kept it for themselves, like you might seen on Da Vinci’s Demons.

Thought this is will be enough for today’s to do list, to re-routine my frequently writings regular activity, the first thing I’d like to do, is to regenerate my signature, at least I’m trying to do something new, even though since I’m such traditional-conservative minded ideologist, I might come back to my old ones, just like the way I go back to this old routines of mine.

Write again soon,