The Book.

Beth Ditto:

“I wrote the Book on it, don’t test me.
Heartbreak, and then some.

Tell me:
Where is a Friend when you need one?

Before you take a second look.
Remember, I know every Trick in the book.”

Meanwhile, I’m struggling with my conscious, either start publishing my own writing by my own self, or post it into another publishing networking. Oh how I’m also so freaking tired over analyzed it.  By the same time, then I open my iTunes then start looking for that one of my favorite single from Beth Ditto, about the book she has wrote. Well, it quite inspired me enough to revitalized my writing passion. Since I was discontinue my literature studies at campus, then moving forward to another faculty which still related in such humanities studies of liberal arts kind, I have this sweet memory, about how I was like to write almost anything, at anywhere.

By the time I rewrite my creative passions, and here goes me, made another blog, this time at wordpress. Since tumblr, blogspot, and other domain has already to much traffic of porns & horny stuffs, I decided to make it as simple as words publishing. After my conscious struggle, I choose to publish my own thoughts, not just writing, into this kind of press release media spot. Hoping for something good will happen, at least for me, by the time I start writing (again) in this field of meta-cognitive sapio-sexual foreplay. Well, if at the end there’s nothing good really happen at all, at least I will note to myself to get just orgasmic-thinking towards all of these meta-cognitive processing while I’m writing almost anything, here at wordpress.

Enjoy, and have a great orgasmic-reading.


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